Video Game Ads (Misc.)

I created the concept, wrote, produced, provided creative direction, and supervised game capture on this trailer that highlights Xsolla’s support with gaming partner PUBG.


Halo Wars – TV Spot
I created the concept and wrote the V.O. copy, depicting a gritty, general’s perspective of a battle in The Great War of humans vs. the Covenant.


Xsolla – 360 Copywriter
Through my role as Content Director at the video game company Xsolla, I also wrote and edited 360 copy for B2B and B2C global marketing and advertising, including new business one-sheets, website copy, Social Media, video scripts, and blogs.



Banjo-Kazooie – Print
Print Producer and Copywriter for Banjo-Kazooie print ads, and wrote partial copy for the Banjo TV spot below…


Puzzle & Glory – Launch Trailer
Created the concept and wrote the script for the launch trailer of Sega’s mobile game Puzzle & Glory.


Singularity – Teaser Trailer
Created the concept, wrote the copy, and Produced this trailer for the launch of Activision’s Sci-Fi shooter Singularity.


Bolt – TV Spot
Created the concept, wrote the copy, and Creative Produced this spot for Disney’s video game Bolt. The original, entitled “Six Million Bolt” was more of a 1:1 homage to the intro of The Six Million Dollar Man TV show. We created our own wire-frame animation in this spot to pay our respects to Steve Austin.