Video Editor

Video Editor with over ten years of experience. Editor of films, trailers, TV spots, reels and sizzles. Proficient in Abode Premiere Pro, Avid, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Supervisor of editing for video game trailers, films, and TV spots. Adept at sound and music mixing, title creation and color correction. (Have also written and produced trailers, TV spots, films, and videos.)

Killzone 3 – Video Game Trailer
Created the concept, wrote the script, produced and edited this video as a spec sample. I altered footage and created a new newscast frame and credit scroll. Also created title cards in Photoshop and After Effects. Directed VO artist, mixed all sound and music, and color corrected video.

Kids Golf Bank – Broadcast/Digital Spot
Edited this video including sound mix, and color correction (also wrote, produced, and directed).

Snickers – Broadcast Pre-Vis
Edited this pre-vis for a Snickers TV spot pitch, which I also wrote. Animated segments in After Effects, recorded and mixed sound and music, created titles in Premiere.

Heavy Fire 3 – Video Game Trailer
Edited the end of this trailer, including adding logos, end slate, and disclaimer.

Directing Reel of Brian Tyree
Edited my directing reel, including motion graphics, titles, sound mixing, and color correction.

Video Game Capture
Have supervised and participated in video game capture for game trailers and TV spots, including playing games, and manipulating in-game camera and other elements to serve the concept and story. Games include: PUBG, Naruto, Call of Duty, and others.